Subconscious Mind Healing

So, what is Subconscious Mind Healing?

Subconscious Mind Healing is the means by which we help people discover the things that actually upset them or cause them to behave in a particular way.

It is not guess-work.  Our practitioners work with sophisticated, computerised equipment that allows them to read on a meter the actual amount of upset a person has in relation to specific areas of their life.  These things are usually hidden in sub-conscious memory (hidden because that is the way we cope with these things).  Once those areas are identified, your practitioner can then home in on specific issues and, by way of a carefully devised process, work on them until the stress has not only dissipated, but the memory is no longer hidden; and no longer has any negative effect.

One of the best things about Subconscious Mind Healing is that you can find out the true cause of behaviour - patterns that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.

This process is about shifting people through their problems and achieving permanent change, so the problems don't come back.

What about the courses?

There are 2 courses available:  Life Fundamentals is the pre-requisite for doing the Subconscious Mind Healing Practitioner Course.  These courses are followed up by workshops to keep practitioners' knowledge relevant and contemporary.