Micro-current Therapy

Micro-Current Therapy

 - A practical and effective road to drug-free pain resolution 

This revolutionary therapy comes from Avazzia and adds a whole new dimension treatment for very wide range of health issues. AvazziaLife are the world leaders in non-invasive pain resolution. Differing from other companies that only offer “pain management”, this new micro current high voltage bio feedback technology is an easy alternative to NSAIDS, COX inhibitors and harmful narcotic drugs.

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The realisation that use of subtle energy with the correct signature can influence physiological mechanisms for tissue regeneration, pain abatement and immune modulation in living organisms has become a passion for AvazziaLife. Through this idea, AvazziaLife and Avazzia have become worldwide leaders in translating doctors’ and medical scientists’ diagnostic and therapeutic concepts into viable, reliable, real-life working technology.

This is where modern electronics meets modern medicine to provide practical and effective solutions now and for generations to come.

 - The science behind youthful appearance and longevity

A non-invasive solution to unwanted lines and wrinkles – the EzziLift device allows us to make a noticeable difference to the youthful appearance of your face and neck from the first treatment.

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The face is the part of the body that is openly presented to the world. It is also the first part examined when one looks at another person. The word ‘face’ is also used to refer to a person’s image which relates the concept of face-to-ego, since the ego, in one of its functions, is concerned with the image a person projects. Self-expression involves the face, and the kind of face we put on ourselves tells a great deal about who we are and how we feel.

There is the smiling face, the depressed face, the bright face, the sad face, etc. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the expression on their faces and to that extent are out of touch with who they are and how they feel. The face also tells us a lot about individual constitutions and how each constitution deals with stress whether physical or emotional, and which organ or systems will be solicited when issues become unsolvable. 

These organs or systems are connected by specific meridians or communication pathways that not only crisscross the body but often start on the face as well. We wear our emotions on our faces and transfer them into our bodies where over time they will wreak havoc with our health as communication pathways become blocked.

As you can see from the picture on the right, the difference after just a few treatments is quite remarkable. 

Our patient has had a restoration of collagen and the muscles underlying the structure of her face have been rounded. Her face has been lifted and she looks more youthful.