Schultz is a four year old German Shepherd Dog who came for Bioresonance treatment on the 10th of April 2014. He was underweight and his coat had a couple of bare patches, despite being well cared for. His vet was treating him for underactive thyroid and a pancreas enzyme insufficiency and he was taking supplements for his thyroid and prednisone. His vet suspected the skin problems were caused by leaky gut. Schultz’s stools had been liquid and for some time. Around the same time he came for treatment he was taken off all grains in his diet.

Blocks treated with Bioresonance were scar interference and radiation.

Allergic stresses included barley and cereal flour, gliadin and wheat. Proteins and carbohydrates were presenting as a strain upon testing. The allergies were treated and programs were run to allow Schultz to digest proteins and carbohydrates. Within four weeks he had gained weight and his coat was improved. 

Toxic stresses included Parvo virus, wood preserving chemicals, actinobacteria, gold, cobalt, palladium, teflon and formaldehyde. 
Moulds treated were candida albicans and aspergillus. 

During the twelve weekly treatments Schultz had programs for pancreas impairment, decreased pancreatic enzymes and immunodefiencies plus treatments to improve intestinal flora. Infection calming and skin problem treatments included detoxification using his skin particles. 

Detoxification programs included liver, toxin elimination, lymph and bowel detox and skin detoxification.

After twelve weeks Schults’s skin and coat had improved and he had reached a normal weight. His vet reduced his thyroid medication and Schultz had more energy and alertness.