Vegetables have become precious health food for the family.
Keep your health with you forever.

Like you, we love vegetables !!!

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We have an abundant variety of fresh vegetables available to us that provide us with living enzymes to improve digestion and break down mucous which the body produces to protect itself from an over acid internal environment.

Organically grown raw vegetables contain natural antibiotics to fight infection and have natural anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce pain in the body and alkalise our inner terrain.
Most pain in the body is caused by inflammation due to consuming too many acid forming foods such as red meat and grains and drinking tea, coffee and alcohol.

Vegetables are a rich source of anti-oxidants promoting vitality and giving us a youthful appearance as well as phytochemicals to guard us against diseases.
Sulphur compounds in vegetables help clean our blood and detoxify our liver, kidneys, lymph glands and bowels which promotes detoxification of harmful chemicals in our bodies and takes the burden off our immune systems, allowing the vital work of cell renewal and energy creation to occur.
Eat 9 servings of vegetables and salads per day to receive the vitamins and minerals needed for good health as well as boosting our brain power and helping us deal with stress and a busy lifestyle.

I love all the pictures of vegetables on the website and the credit must go to David Guillau photographer for capturing their true beauty and vibrancy. I love to have bowls of fruit and vegetables in my kitchen for decoration and believe the frequencies emitted by their colour and vibration energises me.

I like to start my day with a green smoothie made with baby spinach or kale and some citrus fruit and mint, parsley, celery and cucumber because I know that green leafy vegetables clear acidic wastes from the blood and assist detoxification. Plus they make me feel energised. I always have a salad with lunch and sometimes for breakfast!

Red vegetables are good blood builders. Yellow veggies help our bodies break down and eliminate toxic wastes and of course the orange vegetables have wonderful immune boosting properties. I have been buying purple carrots and some other unusual veggies at the markets lately for fun and because I know they have powerful anti-oxidant properties. So go ahead and decorate your plate and have as many coloured vegetables as possible each day.