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Luné van Huyssteen

Dear Jane

Thank you so much for treating my son, Joshua with Bioresonance. After detecting that he has allergies and treating them he's behaviour has changed so much.
All of his anxiety has gone and is he much more calmer in difficult situations.
Thank you also for treating his high levels of heavy metals.
He is really doing very well. Even his class teachers have commented on better consentration and maturity.

Thank you Jane! I really appreciate everything that you have done for him.

Luné van Huyssteen

Roger Harcourt

I have been a patient of Jane Andrews for the past eighteen months. She has been treating me for a severe skin condition and for a very painful knee problem.

The skin condition had one of those unpronounceable names and I was told that nobody knows why you get or why it goes away, but that the going away bit takes about three years minimum. I was on a cocktail of conventional drugs for 18 months including steroids and Neotigason. While the drugs did appear to mask the condition, they did nothing to deal with the root cause.

Jane has been using a combination of bio-resonance therapy and kinesiology, coupled with a range of practical advice and assistance on dietary approaches and general lifestyle changes. I strongly believe that this approach has done a great deal more to help me than the conventional approach.

The end result is that I am now completely off all drugs and the skin condition has almost completely disappeared. All in just under two years.

The knee problem stemmed from surgery I had about five years ago to correct one of those simple twist and tear cartilage injuries. In recent months, it had become very painful again and was costing me sleep. Jane found through her research that there are some specific bio resonance programs that deal with this specific issue; she treated me with them with amazing results. The knee is now virtually pain-free and just requires a top up every few weeks to keep it under control.

The primary feature of Jane’s approach (aside from her obvious knowledge and skills) is her refusal to compromise her principles in any way, her commitment to the truth and her willingness to give her patients that truth whether they want to hear it or not - most refreshing and far more truly helpful than I have received by and large from conventional practitioners.

I strongly recommend Jane Andrews as a bio-resonance therapist and kinesiologist.

Roger Harcourt
Taringa QLD

Sangeeta Hunter

Jane Andrews is an energetic and extremely caring practioner.
Her knowledge and previous experience in the medical industry as a Nurse and now as a bio- resinance therapist gives me the confidence that she is a professional and expert in her field.
I have been attending Janes clinic, Natural Systems Alignment over the past two years for various ailments, from a lump in my breast to allergies,strep throat,Scarlet fever, flu's,sinus's and just the overall daily grind of toxic stresses life can bring.
Each time Jane has been able to treat me and get me back on the road to recovery of good health and well being.

Warmest regards Sangeeta Hunter

Lynn Hough

My family and I have been to see Jane Andrews for Bioresonance Therapy over the past 2 years for intolerances to food ( mostly wheat and dairy ), dental issues, parasite treatments, removal of heavy metals, irradication of radiation and assisting organs to function properly.

Jane is passionate about healing people and making sure she is making a difference in people’s health.
She is up to date with the latest therapies and continues to find out answers for you from other professionals in order to obtain the best treatments.

Jane is trust worthy and has helped our family immensely to achieving optimal health.

Lynn Hough Physiotherapist and Mother of 2

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