At Natural Systems Alignment, we understand that you may have symptoms that are causing life to be uncomfortable and inconvenient and preventing you from living your life to your highest potential.
We have experienced therapists who will listen to you, assess your lifestyle, diet and stressors and provide non- invasive testing of the energetic status of your body plus identify harmful strains which can be affecting your health.
By identifying the hidden cause of your health issues, we can quickly start treatment and you will be relieved to see symptoms managed and your life enhanced.

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My Dinner

Protein at dinner is important...

Protein at dinner time is important and a small amount of carbohydrates can be included with a large amount of vegetables.

Don’t eat too late and ensure supper is finished by 9pm as your elimination organs are doing their detoxification work over night and need to get on with the job without having to work late digesting food.

Meals containing gluten and pasta and rice can be difficult to digest overnight and cause sleep disturbances so minimise these where possible. 


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