At Natural Systems Alignment, we understand that you may have symptoms that are causing life to be uncomfortable and inconvenient and preventing you from living your life to your highest potential.
We have experienced therapists who will listen to you, assess your lifestyle, diet and stressors and provide non- invasive testing of the energetic status of your body plus identify harmful strains which can be affecting your health.
By identifying the hidden cause of your health issues, we can quickly start treatment and you will be relieved to see symptoms managed and your life enhanced.

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My Breakfast

Happiness, mental alertness, vitality...

Happiness, mental alertness, vitality, emotional balance and passion for life: can these be influenced by the food you eat at breakfast time?  The answer is a resounding YES!
At each first consultation I ask people what they eat as it gives me a great insight into how they feel mentally, energetically and emotionally. 

Starting the day with starchy sugary food such as toast, cereal and milk will force fast rising blood sugar levels followed by a blood sugar drop that leaves people feeling hungry with mood swings and fatigue.  How to prevent this happening?

 On waking have one or two glasses of water to hydrate your body and increase mental alertness.  Lemon juice in water will help bring your body’s PH level away from acidic to more alkaline. Being over acid can cause pain and inflammation in your body.  Having fruit first thing will help provide digestive enzymes, perfect if you are troubled by indigestion and bloating.  Many people are surprised to know that digestion begins in the mouth.

  Help your natural enzymes contained in saliva with those occurring in fruit.  Raw vegetable juices are also an excellent start to the day and will help neutralise acidity in the body.  Juices are easily digested and can be a perfect solution for people who find that they do not feel like eating breakfast first thing.   It is important to allow a little break before having the next course. 

A protein based breakfast is great for many people and will provide minerals and stabilise blood sugar levels. Proteins are made up of amino acids and are vital for growing children and for repairing cells in our bodies.  Our bodies are made up of proteins and they help produce hormones, enzymes and red blood cells.  Eating protein foods assist us to lose weight if we need to and keep us feeling fuller longer.   Don’t over eat but aim for two fist sizes of food.  Protein foods include eggs, nuts, seeds, chicken, turkey, fish, baked beans, meat , dairy, lentils and quinoa. 

For those people who are busy in the morning, a protein shake can be perfect.  Ensure the protein powder you buy is free of soy, sugar, gluten and fillers.  Protein shakes are also an excellent way to add super food vitamins to your diet as are vegetable juices, ensuring they are rapidly absorbed by your body.

Also useful for people who are suffering from inflamed intestines or gut.  If you make these changes to breakfast, you will have less need for that cup of coffee as you will feel so energised and ready for your day.

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