Jane is the Director of Natural Systems Alignment and a Registered Biofeedback practitioner who has been working in the health industry for the past 28 years.  Always interested in natural medicine, her favourite books from age ten were on the subjects of nutrition and natural health.  After completing a Diploma as a Registered Nurse at The Royal Brisbane Hospital, she worked there and later at The Wesley Hospital in the specialty of Orthopaedics.  Her career culminated in a role as Clinical Nurse Consultant at The Wesley Hospital in 1999. 

Today Jane practices Bioresonance Therapy and in the tradition of practitioners in Europe, studies and incorporates Kinesiology in her treatments.  Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to “ask the body” questions to prioritise and facilitate healing treatments.  It is particularly effective for helping to identify and heal emotional stress damage at cellular level.  Often the effects of stress can manifest in our physical bodies and keep on occurring and for this reason it is vital to treat all stressors.   Jane is not a medical doctor and does not practice medicine.  She is passionate about helping people recognise ineffective approaches to wellness which may be holding them back from health, wellness and natural beauty.

Jane Andrews (Natural Systems Alignment Director)

Why Natural Systems Alignment ?

Jane believes we can strive towards maintaining balance in our health, which is always in a state of constant change, by incorporating the Eastern energetic approach to healing and Western focus on healing the physical body.  From early beginnings in her interest in natural medicine to a nursing career and now practicing Bioresonance Therapy, Jane brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to all her treatments.
Jane’s passion is educating people in good nutrition and helping them to achieve balance in body, mind and spirit.  She believes ill health clouds people’s ability to think clearly and make healthy choices. Many people are over fed yet lacking in nutrition and suffering cellular toxicity.  The result can be dissatisfaction with weight, depression, aches and pains and premature ageing as well as heart disease and other chronic illnesses.  To this end she helps people set goals for improved health and coaches and guides them to make changes to promote their health and remove limiting factors that are holding them back.

We Provide:

- Bicom Bioresonance Therapy
- Detection and therapy for viruses, chemicals, parasites, toxic metals,
electro magnetic radiation, moulds and fungal infections to name a few.
- Biowave Therapy
– Additional treatment run concurrently with Bicom to help balance the body’s energy systems
-Nutrition advice and plans
- Emotional stress balancing using kinesiology