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So, what is Subconscious Mind Healing?

It is a spiritual grammar – as we use grammar to construct our language so that we can use it most effectively, so we can use Supernoetics™ as a means of constructing our lives so that we may live them in the most effective way, both in terms of achieving the results we want for ourselves and in terms of how we can help others do the same thing.

“Supernoetics™ is a new body of knowledge dedicated to the development of outstanding, effective, magnificent, pleasing and empowering capabilities of the human spirit. We call it the heart of Being. It boasts the protocols of change and human transformation™” – Keith Scott-Mumby

It draws from the whole body of human knowledge and understanding, including the writings of Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras and many others.

It provides us with the tools to examine our lives and work out for ourselves what we need to do to improve them, without relying on anyone else to do it for us.

It does this through a series of courses that ask us to consider new ways of seeing things, new ways of understanding what we are responsible for in our own lives. It provides, through Subconscious Mind Healing, a sure path to coming to grips with what has upset us in the past and how we can avoid those upsets in the future.

So, Supernoetics™ is a way of making your life better (healing your life!) and, once you have completed the course-work and related study, may become a way of earning a living while helping others along the same path.

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Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby – Doctor, philosopher

What Supernoetics™ is NOT.

It is NOT counselling.

Nobody is going to tell you that something is wrong with you, or, if you think something is wrong with you, how to fix it. You will come to those understandings yourself – if you want to.

It is NOT a belief system.

There is no dogma or religion in Supernoetics™. We provide you with a methodology for evaluating information (knowledge gating) and making your own mind up as to whether or not to believe it.

There is no guru or mystic chief. Dr. Keith is our founder and has put the material together, but he is definitely not a guru.

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So, what will I get out of it?

One of the many things our education system has not taught us to do is how to actually learn. It teaches us so-called facts – enough of them to enable us to pass exams and become Professors, but not enough or in a way that will actually help us make our way effectively in life. Most of that is left to the “school of hard knocks”. As good and as tough as those lessons may be, they can often turn us in the wrong direction or mis-educate us about what we are experiencing.

Supernoetics™ starts off by teaching us how to learn; how to understand and use our own language effectively; how to get the best from what we read; how to determine for ourselves whether to believe what we read and hear or not; and then how to apply those new skills to life.

One of the most important aspects of life is our communications, whether it be at work, at home with our families, in our relationships or in any other part of life. Many of us do not have great skills in that area and it costs us dearly. When you have difficulty in making yourself understood or in understanding what somebody else is trying to tell you, what chance do you really have of being effective in life? Again, this is an area not taught in our education system.

Supernoetics™ will teach you how to understand the communications process and master it. You will gain tools for effective communication at all levels and you will learn how to apply those tools to life.

Another subject not taught at school or university is Relationships. You know, that’s the one about how we look after those people we love most in the world – our families, our husbands and wives and children. It is in the area of relationships that most of the unhappiness in the world arrives on our plates. It even extends to our friendships and how we deal with people in the ordinary passage of life – catching the bus or dealing with shop keepers and tradesmen.

Supernoetics™ shows us how we relate to ourselves and others, how we can heal our existing relationships and ensure that we have a better chance at making them work in the future.

Other than our bank statements and tax returns (and they often don’t paint a true picture!) we have little in our normal lives that will tell us the truth about how we are going and how we might improve things. We are not taught at school how to keep clutter (physical or otherwise) out of our lives and we are not taught how to get rid of it when we find it.

Supernoetics™ has a range of effective methods for doing this. You will learn how to look at your life, take stock of yourself and develop your own strategies to improve things.

Even if you only want to acquire the skills that Supernoetics™ offers, there is plenty of reward in that for you – provided you actually put them to use!

But beyond all that, Supernoetics™ provides the opportunity through learning how to pilot or to present courses (that is, helping others acquire the same skills for themselves), so that it becomes possible to make this your life if you choose to.

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So, what is Subconscious Mind Healing?

Subconscious Mind Healing is the means by which we help people discover the things that actually upset them or cause them to behave in a particular way.

It is not guess-work. Our Pilots work with sophisticated computerised equipment that allows them to read on a meter the actual amount of charge (upset) a person has in relation to specific areas of their life. These things are usually hidden in sub-conscious memory (hidden because that is the way we cope with these things). Once those areas are identified, the Pilot can then home in on specific issues and, by way of a carefully devised process, work on them until the charge has not only dissipated, but the memory is no longer hidden; that memory no longer has any negative effect.

One of the best things about Subconscious Mind Healing is that you can find out the true cause of your behaviour – very often it is nothing at all like what you thought it was.

One of the most important things about Supernoetics™ Subconscious Mind Healing is that it is not the same as the practice of clearing that is used in some modalities. This process is about shifting people through their problems and achieving permanent change, so the problems don’t come back.

Clarity Meter as used in Subconscious Mind Healing

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So, what about the Courses?

There are 5 courses available at this time.

They make up the “Ability Express” program, the first 4 of which are designed to be done over 4 weekends – not consecutive; the last course is a 6-day program (Intensive).

Additionally, a Subconscious Mind Healing Course is available – for which the prerequisite is Ability Express Parts 1 to 4.

Ability Express Part 1

Weekend Course; Cost – $660

Learning how to Learn – Advanced learning techniques PLUS two major new ways of looking at your life.

Ability Express Part 2

Weekend Course; Cost $660

Communications – Learn how to understand the whole communications process; master the techniques to understand opthers and make yourself understood in all circumstances.

Ability Express Part 3

Weekend Course; Cost $660

Builds on our theme of knowledge building and embodiment learning and understanding why we behave the way we do, with practical applications to improve our lives.

Ability Express Part 4

Weekend Course; Cost $660

Applies the skills gained on the first three weekends with even greater depth and shows you the real power of Supernoetics™ as a way of controlling your own life and helping others do the same.

Ability Express Part 5

Communications - key to an effective life.

6 Days Intensive. Cost $2,200

For those who want to make Supernoetics™ their career.

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